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Healthy Bone Broth for the whole family to enjoy

Grass Fed and Pasture Raised. Australian. Free Range.

Nourishing. Nutrient  Dense. Energising.

Gut Health. Immunity. Wellness

Skin Health. Joint Health.

Simmered for 24 hours.

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Gut Health and Immunity

The gut plays a central role in our health and immunity with over 70% of the entire immune system residing in the gut. A healthy gut comprises of a healthy physical structure and also the beneficial bacteria that reside in it. Broth & Co Bone Broth helps support this physical structure and therefore support the growth of beneficial bacteria. A healthy gut helps create a protective barrier between your body and the outside world and helps the right nutrients and small molecules pass into your body. A healthy gut also communicates with the brain through nerves and hormones, which helps maintain general health and well-being.


The Broth & Co Family

Melbourne's Broth & Co is a family owned business; founded by a husband and wife team, who love healthy, nutritious  food that’s ready to use for the whole family to consume. Nellie is a pharmacist and busy mum of 5y.o twin boys and Peter is a fitness coach and Master Trainer.

Our philosophy is that food is healing and nourishing, it can prevent disease and reverse disease. The food we consume should be ethically sourced; grass fed, free range, natural and free from pesticides. Working with a great team of Australian food producers and suppliers to create quality, energizing, natural bone broths, easy to use vegetables and snacks - foods with function because Lifestyle Medicine is  the  key  to health and healing.  Read more about us here.

We're excited to announce our recently launched VegEase Kids Superfood Range as we're serious about raising healthy kids! The food children consume can affect their mood, behaviour and learning ability. Having a healthy gut is so important in overall health because it contains our microbiome and the best way to improve our microbiome is to create a healthy environment for them to thrive in and so why we recommend the healing power of bone broth and by having a variety of vegetables in our diet to increase microbiome diversity.

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What is Bone Broth?

Bone broths are soothing, nutrient-dense addition to the kitchen table and are typically made with bones; marrow bones and knuckle bones. Rich in collagen, amino acids and minerals. These gut healing nutrients help  reduce  inflammation, improve joint health and skin elasticity. For more information on what bone broth is Click Here

Australian. Nourishing. Energising. Soothing. Feel Good. Souping. Sipping.

Grass fed. Free range.

The Broth & Co Bone Broth Gut Study

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