More than 70% of our Immunity is housed in the Gut

Healthy Bone Broth

Authentic. Australian. Nourishing.

Nutrient  Dense. Energising.

Gut Health. Immunity.

Skin Health. Joint Health.


Simmered for 24 hours.

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The Gut plays a central role in immunity with over 70% of the entire immune system residing in the gut

The Broth & Co Family

Melbourne's Broth & Co is a family owned business; founded by a husband and wife team, who love healthy, nutritious  food that’s ready to use. Nellie is a pharmacist and busy mum of twin boys and Peter is a fitness coach and Master Trainer.

Working with a great team of food producers to create quality, energizing, natural bone broths and foods with function because Lifestyle Medicine is  the  key  to health.  Read more about us here.

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What is Bone Broth?

Bone broths are soothing, nutrient-dense additions to the kitchen table and are typically made with bones; marrow bones and knuckle bones. Rich in collagen and amino acids glucosamine and minerals. These gut healing nutrients help  reduce  inflammation, joint health and improve skin elasticity. For more information on what bone broth is Click Here

Nourishing. Energising. Soothing. Feel Good. Souping. Sipping.

Grass fed. Free range.

The Bone Broth Gut Study

Read more about the study

Bone Broth Blog & Recipes

Bone Broth & Collagen - Is there a difference?

Bone Broth & Collagen - Is there a difference?

Collagen and bone broth have become increasingly well known in the health and wellness community. Broth & Co Bone Broth Powder has a neutral flavour just like collagen and so both are a great way to incorporate into recipes that are less savoury.
Making Bone Broth a Daily Ritual

Making Bone Broth a Daily Ritual

The health benefits of bone broth are genuinely wondrous. It can do everything from helping to restore natural gut function to a full detox. Bone broth is an extremely versatile ingredient serving it as a hot drink or soup and using it as a replacement for stock in many recipes
Bone Broth Superfood Lattes

Bone Broth Superfood Lattes

If you are ready to take your coffee to the next level we’ve got some tasty Lattes for you to try. Bone broth is a major health and beauty booster...

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