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Broth and Co Bone Broth am Australian bone broth company which open for business. The company is based in Melbourne, Victoria, shipping dried broth in powder form throughout Australia. The company produces delicious, nutrient-dense broths for home cooking, and promotes the extraordinary health benefits of consuming bone broth. The product is made from bone marrow and contains essential amino acids, collagen, and glucosamine for a healthy body and bones for the whole family.

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As well as being energizing and packed-full of minerals and goodness, healthy bone broth is promoted as a soothing hot beverage that’s warming and comforting. Each flavor is infused with vegetables, herbs, and spices to make each marrow powder delightfully tasty.

Broth and Co’s bone broth can form the base of soups, act as stock in any recipe, and a spoonful can even be added to your morning smoothie for added nutrients. Our website has a selection of recipes for customers to try making with broth powder, including Easy Tomato Soup and Beetroot and Sweet Potato Soup, plus lots of useful information about the health benefits of broth.

Bone broth is made from the bone marrow of animals, namely chicken and beef. Some flavors contain vegetables, like their Beetroot and Bone and Mushroom and Beef flavors, and the company makes efforts to assure customers that their product comes from grass-fed, free-range animals.

Luckily for vegetarians, the company is soon to release Vegease Powders, made from 100% vegetables sourced only from Australian farmers – keep an eye on their website for the release! Those who prefer hot vegetable beverages and stock powder will soon be able to enjoy these products.

Perhaps the best part about Broth and Co’s products is their exceptional value –packs are sold in 500ml pouch packs or 100g powders. Each pouch contains 20 servings and works out at $1.05 per serving – a total bargain. Pouches will last customers a very long time even with heavy use, and so the larger packs are a hugely convenient purchase for busy people who love to buy in bulk.

We encourage customers to contact us via the contact form with any questions you might have.

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