Effect of Broth & Co’s Beef Bone Broth on lower Gastrointestinal Disturbances: The Bone Broth Gut Study

About Broth & Co - Melbourne Based Bone Broth Company

Broth & Co is a Melbourne family company creating quality, energising
and nutrient dense foods for the modern foodie who understands Food can be your Medicine.
All Gluten Free. Made with Real Food. Sourced and Made in Australia.
2021 was the year of The Broth & Co Bone Broth Gut Study, a 2 month study which showed significant improvement in overall gut health including leaky gut and a reduction in food intolerances, so that not only are our gut healthy offerings flavourful and easy to consume but support your family's well-being.

Our B&C Bone Broths are are available in liquid, concentrate and powder for added convenience.

Our VegEase Kids range is a great food hack for fussy little eaters and includes lunch box friendly snacks.

Our IQ.N Collagen Beauty range with Australian Native Superfoods help nourish your skin and health from the inside out. Available in Bovine & Marine Collagen.


We here at Broth & Co prioritize ingredients above everything else so we personally source what goes into our foods.  

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. — Hippocrates, father of medicine, 431 B.C

The information presented on this site is for education purposes only. We do not provide medical advice, treatment or diagnosis.

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About Broth & Co - Melbourne Based Bone Broth Company

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