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Designed for big and little kids 12+ months our Vegetable Hack 2.0 for busy parents with fussy little eaters.

VegEase is a new way to Veg, so that every meal our little ones have is supercharged with the benefits of vegetables. VegEase Australian vegetable powders are 100% natural and sourced from Australian farmers so that you can stir, sprinkle and bake into their favourite foods.

VegEase Freeze dried vegetable powders maintain their nutrition, colour and flavour making meal times fun and colourful. Think green eggs and ham!

The Australian Dietary Guidelines, recommends minimum number of vegetable serves; toddlers 1-2 years are recommended to have 2-3 serves of vegetables a day and 2-3 year olds 2.5 serves a day. 

Healthy eating is important throughout a child’s life, it provides the energy and nutrients needed for growth, it develops a sense of taste, and instills positive patterns and decision making for the rest of their lives. Vegetables are nutrient dense, and are a good source of minerals and vitamins, dietary fibre and a range of phytochemicals.

Thanks to recent scientific advances, it is now possible to have a diet that is specifically tailored to your child's genetic makeup, leading to personalised nutrition. The Heather Way program helps children heal by personalising their nutritional needs The Australian Centre for Genomic Analysis


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