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Why is Bone Broth the Most Trending & Popular Superfood in 2018

Why is Bone Broth the Most Trending & Popular Superfood in 2018

Bone broth is an ancient superfood that’s having resurgence but we think that although food trends come and go bone broth is here to stay! So bone broth may be hot now, but it's not a new idea, there’s an ancient South American proverb, which says that “a good bone broth will resurrect the dead”, or at the very least, has a host of nutrients some of which are typically lacking from our fast food diets.

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Bone broth is centuries old and most cuisines around the world have versions of it, whether it’s soups, stocks or broths. It’s something that our grans would have made lovingly for the whole family for healing and nourishment - Grandma would be happy to hear that bone broth is HOT once again.

Nourishing bone broth has even begun to replace coffee and tea as a hot beverage a great way to feel full and stay hydrated. Yes feel full, because the protein keeps you satiated! Health and fitness enthusiasts are loving its benefits and most broth drinkers are conscious eaters who care about what they eat and are either trying to prevent or reverse disease.

What is bone broth?

Bone broth is the golden goodness that comes from simmering bones for an extended time. It’s the content and quality of the bones, including marrow and knucklebones that provide the nutrients as well as the extended simmering time of hours and hours; this extracts the rich flavours and nutrients. The elixer comprises of minerals, gelatin, collagen and protein in a thick, nutrient-rich broth.

Bone broth is usually consumed as a hot beverage or it can be included in soups, sauces, casseroles and stir fries for flavour and nutrition.

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How does bone broth differ from stock?

Stock, and bone broth can be used interchangeably in the kitchen but there is a distinct difference between the two in that bone broth has a higher proportion of bones to meat than stock, it has a stronger flavour and is usually simmered for a longer period of 24-48 hours. The bones should consist of marrow and knucklebones.

Bone broth as a power pack full house of nutrients

Every ingredient that makes up its composition is full of healing and heath properties, the source of its health benefits are gelatin, collagen, essential and non-essential amino acids and minerals.

People have benefited with enhanced skin, hair and nail health, improved immunity and a reduction in the symptoms from colds and flu, healing of “leaky gut” as well as reduction of joint pain and a quicker recovery after exercise.

What makes bone broth so popular?

Bone broth has gained immense popularity over recent years in the wellness sphere thanks to Chinese medicine, naturopaths and functional nutritionists.

 It involves nose to tail cooking and using the entire animal, no waste.

With a plethora of health benefits to take advantage of, incorporating bone broth as a staple in your diet makes absolute sense. It’s no wonder this old age phenomenon has become a trend so popular in the year 2018.

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