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Why Choose Broth & Co Bone Broth?

Why Choose an Excellent Quality Australian Made Bone Broth

What is old is new again. Bone Broths, made by boiling bones for 24 hours to leach out the nutrients, have come back in fashion for their potential benefits.

Sipping on broth has been appealing to the elite and general sports and exercise industry, beautiful skin and hair industry as well as the health and wellness industry.

What Nutrients are Found in Bone Broth?

It is a natural supplementation of Collagen and Gelatin, Glucosamine, and Chondroitin, Amino Acids such as Glycine and Proline and Glutamine and Alanine,  Minerals and trace elements such as Magnesium, Phosphorous Sulphur, and Potassium.

Potential benefits include aiding in gut health,  reducing joint inflammation and help with a degenerative joint disease such as arthritis, promotion of healthy skin, hair and nails. It may also help boost the immune system.

Authentic bone broths typically take 24 hours to make. This is not always convenient, and hence Broth and Co, the company providing real bone broths nationwide were formed by a group of health, health research, and sports professionals.

The team who all share a passion for health and wellness and after making pots and pots of bone broth and finding benefits themselves wanted to offer authentic bone broths to people in a convenient manner. 

Broth and Co report “Sometimes it was not convenient to make the bone broth due to the time required. We have people tell us they didn’t feel comfortable leaving the house with a stove burning or were not always around to monitor it.

Others mentioned they missed out on broth when traveling and some don’t like the smell wafting through the house”.  

The team works with a great group of chefs, food scientists and producers to ensure Broth and CO broths are authentic and nutrient dense. “They are simmered for 24 hours, and this is important because the amino acid values are higher compared to shorter hours of simmering.

We analyzed our broth in an independent lab to verify the quality of our broths and establish the values of the amino acids, and other nutrients like collagen and chondroitin" says Nellie Procopiou a pharmacist and co-founder.

Broth & Co uses grass fed bones and free-range chicken bones sourced from Australia along with filtered water. They have been able to get excellent shelf life without added nasties through retort packaging.

With headlines reporting bone broth as Kobe Bryant’s secret weapon, Salma Hayek’s anti-aging secret and NY fashion week models drink of choice it is gaining much attention. Meanwhile, some naturopaths and nutritionists recommend the use of bone broth for gut health and general health.

Broth & Co Bone Broths:
•    All natural
•    Made from Australian grass fed bones and free-range chicken bones
•    Available nationwide with excellent shelf life and no added nasties
•    Authentic and simmered for 24 hours
•    Independently tested and analyzed for nutrient values
•    Great quality and great taste
•    Popular for gut health; skin hair and nails; exercise and sports performance and recovery; joint health; general health, energy, and wellbeing
•    From a team of healthcare and sports professionals

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