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Bone Broth Shabu Shabu - Korean Style Beef and Mushroom Hotpot

Bone Broth Shabu Shabu Hotpot 

Ever had one of those days or nights when you want to prep something exciting for  the family? 

This Shabu Shabu hotpot will have you licking your lips

Traditionally, Shabu-shabu is a Korean hotpot dish of thinly sliced meat and vegetables boiled in water and served with dipping sauces and the food is cooked piece by piece by piece  while sitting around the table. 

This is an easy recipe because we've got all  the  flavours captured in our Asian Inspired Chicken Bone Broth or Beef Pho Bone Broth


500g thinly sliced beef

1 small chilli, thinly sliced

500ml Beef Bone Broth or Beef Pho Bone Broth

1 cup bean sprouts

50g oyster mushrooms, torn

50g Shiitaki Mushrooms, thinly sliced

100g enoki mushrooms

4 spring onions, thinly sliced


Step 1

Bring the Bone  Broth to  the boil and  add to a heat proof bowl.

Step 2

In seperate bowls add the thinly sliced beef, mushrooms and spring onions and ladled with the steaming fragrant broth. The meat will cook in the heat of the broth so make sure it's sliced very thinly.


If your wanting to enjoy a traditional Shabu Shabu. Sit around the table and have fun dipping each ingredient piece by piece, cooking as you go.

Step 3

Serve topped with  the bean sprouts, some more spring onions and enoki mushrooms. 

Serve the chillies on  the side for those who like their spice