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Bone broths role in boosting fertility - Living Now by Dr Casey Conroy

Image from LivingNow blog 7 simple but crucial ways to boost your fertility naturally with food

I recently came across an article in LivingNow written by Dr Casey Conroy about the impact food and lifestyle choices have on increasing fertility. One of the points Dr Conroy makes is the importance of a healthy gut.

Nutrient absorption through the gut is paramount to improving fertility. As Dr Conroy mentions; 

“Gut health is inextricably linked to the immune system, which is involved with fertility, pregnancy, and childbirth1,2 . A healthy gut equals a healthy immune system and therefore optimal fertility.”

Good strong gut bacteria have an impact on our well-being. They are critical in supporting the immune system, protecting us from health problems, maintaining gut integrity for the absorption of nutrients and creation of B Vitamins.

One of the foods that supports gut healing and hormone balance are bone broths.

The collagen helps heal leaky gut assisting in better nutrient absorption.

Proline and glycine are amino acids in bone broth which support hormone production and also detoxification. The body can then regulate imbalances such as oestrogen dominance, which causes a number of infertility issues.

Another couple of points Dr Conroy mentions important to gut health is eating fermented foods daily, reducing stress and getting quality sleep to also assist fertility. For more information you may follow the link below.





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