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A Personal Story - Broth & Co

Broth & Co - A Personal Story

Broth & Co offers natural, authentic bone broths that have been simmered for 24 hours with excellent shelf life and no added nasties. The broths are made from prime Australian grass-fed beef bones or high-quality Australian Free Range chicken bones with filtered water, apple cider vinegar and a selection of vegetables and spices such as turmeric, garlic, and ginger.

Bone broths are popular amongst health and wellness consumers, sports people, paleo and CrossFit communities, naturopaths as well as people interested in gut health, skincare and general wellbeing. Primarily used as a soup base or as a cooking liquid it is becoming more and more popular as a hot beverage alternative, and the powders are great for smoothies and post work out drinks.

Broth and Co were formed by a husband and wife team who are qualified healthcare and sports professionals. They were making lots of bone broth themselves but started talking about how inconvenient it was as it required 24 hours of simmering time. They both felt uneasy about leaving the house with the stove on and didn’t like the smell wafting through the house, but they still wanted to consume healthy bone broth regularly.

They researched ways to make broths readily available but without salt and added nasties and now work with quality local producers to ensure the right ingredients and suppliers. Now they are available in stores nationwide as well as naturopaths and acupuncturists.

The broths are simmered for 24 hours to maximize the nutrient values. They also included the vegetables and spices to make it a tasty beverage option as well as a soup base and cooking liquid.

The powders are “naked,” that is there is no salt, yeast or preservatives. The “Plain” Bone Broth Powder is great for smoothies and baking as it has a neutral taste, the Beetroot Bone Broth powder is excellent for detox and fitness, and the Mushroom Bone Broth Powder has the added benefit of the antioxidants, selenium, B and D vitamins.

They say the best thing about creating Broth & Co has been the interesting and lovely people they have met along the way. They have met professional athletes, sporting coaches, naturopaths, dieticians, hairdressers and Chinese medicine doctors who all love bone broth. They have also met customers at taste demonstrations who come from a range of different backgrounds who all remember having a version of bone broth as a child whether it be chicken noodle soup, pho from Vietnam, Seolleongtang from Korea or puchero from Uruguay.

“Good broth will resurrect the dead” South American Proverb.

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