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The Doctor's Pharmacy with Dr Mark Hyman & Marco Canora

Is Bone Broth Worth the Hype?

Broken Brain - Mark Hyman has a new series of 8 documentaries on The Broken Brain and the Doctor’s Farmacy.

Who is Mark Hyman?

Mark Hyman, MD, is the Chairman of the Institute for Functional Medicine, founder of the UltraWellness Center, and a best-selling author of books like Ultramind, Ultrametabolism, The Blood Sugar Solution: A 10 Day Detox Diet. He is director of the Functional Medicine Department at the Cleveland Clinic.

He is passionate about health and healthy food reforms and

His steps to an ultramind are:

  1. Optimize nutrition
  2. Balance hormones
  3. Cool off inflammation
  4. Fix your gut
  5. Detoxify the body
  6. Boost the mitochondria
  7. Calm the mind
  8. Exercise
  9. Community