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Instant Pot Bone Broth

Instant Pot Bone Broth

This has been a game changer friends!

Honestly, I have spent years without thought simmering my bone broth stovetop or through the night in a slow cooker. It had become such second nature that when I started hearing about people using their pressure cookers to make bone broth in just a couple of hours, I sort of skimmed right past. I had my “routine.” My method.

And with a house full of kids, the autopilot is crucial to my daily flow!

I wasn’t convinced I would switch making my bone broth to my Instant Pot when I received it last fall. Because it is smaller than what I typically make bone broth in, I couldn’t see myself making bone broth more frequently to equal the amount I was making once a month in my slow cooker, large stockpot, or oven roaster.

And then this year happened! Busier school and homework schedules, an added preschool schedule to the dull routine, a book deal & daily blog work, and a feisty toddler have dwindled my kitchen hours down.

I have to be smart about my kitchen time.

And the Instant Pot helps me do that. Bone broth can be made so hands-free and fast. There is no planning out to remember to turn off the slow cooker – or planning to be home while the stockpot on the stove simmers for hours and hours. And the gel! Oh, that great, nourishing gel is still there as well as all the maintained properties of adequately prepared bone broth!
If you are new to bone broth, this recipe is for you! You can’t find a more nourishing, power-packed food – period! If you have never read “Broth Is Beautiful,” I highly recommend it so you can fully understand what amazing food you are making!

If you are a seasoned bone broth foodie, this recipe is for you too! If your little heart pitter patters every time you get to use your stock pot to make something unusual. Don't worry. You don’t have to retire your beloved cup! Use your Instant Pot to your advantage when your time is short. Leverage your kitchen time – you will have more bone broth on hand to make those fantastic slow-cooked soups at the stove

A quick note on the bones!

Rich, flavorful broth comes from bones that have been cooked, so if you happen to pick up bones from your farmer at the market (sometimes called beef soup bones, or marrow bones), or you have a load of bones from ordering a half or whole cow or pig, or from that big deer hunt, just give those raw bones a quick roast before using them for broth. I typically just toss them on a sheet pan and roast them at 400 degrees for 45 minutes. If you are making a beef roast or whole chicken in the Instant Pot, you can just toss the bones right back into the IP after you strip the meat for your broth making! So easy!

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