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Drink Bone Broth, its Soul Food for your Gut and your Fertility by

Angea Accupuncture and Yoga 

 Angea acupuncture and Yoga is a clinic headed by Amanda Waaldyk, a Dr of Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Fertility she has a passion to help women achieve their dreams of motherhood. She guides women in achieving health the natural way, incorporating nutrition, chinese herbs and acupuncture. Infact she was the wonderful woman who guided us on our journey and introduced us to the goodness of bone broth

The goodness of bone broth - Amanda says "Drink your broth, its soul food for your gut and your fertility.."

Bone broth or as Amanda likes to call it ‘soul food’ has traditionally been used for healing many ailments and was a staple in times of sickness and that's why we like to think of it as an Ancient Superfood.

Bone broth is made from marrow and joint bones and are simmered for m much longer than traditional stocks to extract as many nutrients and minerals as possible. The goodness of collagen found in bone broth helps heal or promote gut health and research has recently found that gut health is at the centre for wellness, including our hormones & sex hormones which in turn can affect our fertility.


Other goodness found in bone broth include amino acids such as glycine, glutamine and proline. Glycine helps improve digestion and detoxification, glutamine helps heal a leaky gut and proline is reposnsible for cellular regeneration.

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