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Bone Broth: What’s the Big Deal? an article by Hemsley and Hemsley

Bone Broth: What’s the Big Deal?

The buzz about bone broth is big. But what is it? Is it for you? And how do you use it? 

Bone Broth may be on-trend, but there is nothing new about it. 

“Bone broths were made by our great grandparents and helped them stretch the weekly roast into tasty soups and casseroles to enjoy later in the week,” , notes The Food Coach, Judy Davie. “One meal typically rolled into the next and nothing was ever wasted."

According to Judy, this is best feature of bone broth!

“I love the no waste approach where the bones from a typical Sunday meal were used to make a broth which enriched the next meal with nutritional goodness and flavour.”

Here's everything you need to know about bone broth:

The Benefits of Bone Broth:

• “Bone broths are very popular amongst the Paleo devotees, and while I don’t support this diet 100% I do like bone broths particularly now we’re moving into the cooler months,” Judy says.

• Bone broth is a natural way to get flavour into soups and casseroles and nutritionally, bone broth is rich in minerals and nutrients including calcium, magnesium and collagen which helps strengthen the skin, nails and teeth.

• Bone broth heals and seals your gut, as the gelatin in the broth helps seal up holes in intestines. This helps cure chronic diarrhea, constipation, and even some food intolerances.

• “Bone broths are also rich in the amino acids proline and glycine,” Judy notes. “Proline is also good for the skin and glycine helps the stomach produce gastric juices which are all necessary for good digestion. They are also very restorative and for the elderly and infirm.”

• Bone broth helps you sleep better as the glycine has been shown to benefit, as well as aiding memory.

• Bone broth benefits bones and joints thanks to the high level of glucosamine it contains. Furthermore, the chondroitin sulfate in bone broth has been shown to help prevent osteoarthritis.

• Bone broth boosts immunity with one Harvard study revealing that some patients suffering from auto-immune disorders experience some relief when drinking bone broth.

How To Prepare Bone Broth:

• Leave some meat on the bones.

• Roast the bones first before adding the water and veggies.

• “Simmer for as long as you can,” Judy advises. “The longer this process is, the more collagen and amino acids you’ll extract from the bones.”

How Can Bone Broth Be Used?

• It makes an excellent gravy.

• “Use it in place of stock for a rich soup,” Judy advises. 

• “Heat it up and drink it as is for a very low KJ/restorative drink,” she adds.