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3-Day Reset Diet - Amy Shah M.D.

A Gut Reset Diet – Can it be as easy as this to feel more energised?


Eating well has become a prioriy for most of us, empowering us to feel better or heal.

Eating whole foods with as much nutritional power as possible. Sometimes we need to pause and reset and Amy Shah, M.D. has a 3 day reset diet on mbg to do just that.

She is  an integrative medicine practitioner who focuses on a blend of ancient medicine practices with modern medical wisdom. She has offered this three-day gut cleanse which utilizes modern science and Ayurved, she says in both “Ayurveda and modern medicine, we're learning just how much gut health is the crux of our general physical and mental health” and believes her quick, easy cleanse will make you feel better in your belly, body, and brain.

Some of her guidelines are minimizing sugar, eating more daily  fiber, infact she tells her patients not to counter calories but to count fiber and adding more fermented foods to the day.

If you wanted to have more energyand feel less bloated  then Dr Amy recommends her reset diet which also includes a mini fast of 12-16 hours, essentially overnight, prior to the three day  reset diet. She also suggests a good night’s sleep, minimising stress with a mini meditation or some yoga stretches and also no snacking when you feel hungry.

You can find the diet on Mind body Green,  Dr Amy Shah’s 3 Day Gut Reset Diet


Essentially the night before your reset diet aim to stop eating by 7pm the night before your three day diet, aiming for a 12-16 hour fast which will give your body a break and help your gut rest and repair.

The 3 days of diet are essentially the same although you can change up your meals to follow the diet. The morning after the mini fast start with a warm glass of water to stimulate digestion and detoxify.

 Breakfast should be low in sugar, although fruit sugars are OK (berries are best), with lots of fiber and fat, so you don't have a blood sugar crash.

Mid morning have a cup of chai, adding extra gut boosting spices such as cinnamon, which also helps control sugar, cardamom and ginger.

Spices are a great way to boost you antioxidant intake and they are also full of so many healing benefits.

Lunch is a bone broth based meal or vegetable broth with probiotics.

Dr Amy believes that broth is mentally soothing as well as aids in the production of gastric juices and strength of intestinal lining, soothes the gut, and aids liver and kidney function. Broth & Co’s Beef Bone Broth with fermented Miso or Vegan Broth with fermented miso and adaptogenic mushrooms has the probiotics also covered, adding vegetables or herbs for freshness.

Dinner entails having lots of fibrous vegetables for prebiotic fibre such as tubers, cruciferous vegetables, broccoli, cauliflower and legumes.