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Variety Pack Beef Bone Broth | BOX of 12 single serve sachets | Powder 60g

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Our Variety pack has 4 sachets of each of our best sellers so that you don't have to choose while you are out and about.

INGREDIENTS: Bone Broth Powder 90%, Mushroom Blend 10% (White Agaricus Mushroom and Shiitaki)

 INGREDIENTS: Bone Broth Powder 95%, Beetroot Powder 5%

INGREDIENTS: Beef Bone Broth Powder

All natural.  No added Salt. No Preservatives. For at home or on the go! 12 Serves per box. For a comforting broth beverage add one sachet of our dried bone broth powder to 100-150ml of hot water. Use as a soup base, to braise vegetables and add to stir fries, casseroles and gravies. Can also be added to smoothies.
All Australian.