Coming Soon - Vegetable Powders made from 100% Raw Vegetables

Healthy eating is important throughout a child’s life, it provides the energy and nutrients needed for growth, it develops a sense of taste, and instills positive patterns and decision making for the rest of their life.

Becoming parents meant that we wanted the best for our little ones, so home cooking became our first priority and we became "foodies for goodness sake". Adding fresh nutritional vegetables to their diet was a priority, however with time constraints and sometimes-fussy eaters getting the nutrition into our children became challenging - that’s when we created Vegease 100% vegetable powders. All of our powders are made from high quality vegetables sourced from Australian farmers, 100% Australian made. 

Now our time is better spent with our family and less time on arduous prep in the kitchen. More importantly we are at ease with our children’s daily vegetable intake.