Health Benefits of Bone Broth

Health Benefits of Bone Broth

I’ve been working on my holistic first aid kit for a few years now, and it’s seen me through some crazy cold and flu seasons. I have several supplements, herbs, and remedies that I come back to time and time again but my FAVORITE tool in my first aid kit is one you won’t find on the shelf. This tool is what I use as my FIRST course of action when my kids start feeling under the weather. What is it?

The answer: Homemade bone broth.

Yes, that’s right. The number one tool in my holistic first aid kit is BONE BROTH. Sounds crazy? Homemade broth…made with BONES???? What on earth is that? I’m glad you asked… I love talking about bone broth!

My grandma called it stock. Some people call it broth. No matter what you call it, the homemade bone broth is a nutritional powerhouse, and to date, I haven’t found any condition it won’t help. Homemade broth, made with bones, in particular, is the first thing I make when my kids start feeling sick. Why is this stuff such liquid gold?

Bone Broth is a mineral POWERHOUSE.

Homemade broth is full of magnesium, potassium, calcium and sodium, minerals (and trace minerals) that are depleted in our food supply these days. Think of bone broth as the ultimate multivitamin and electrolyte replacement drink in ONE!

Bone broth heals the digestive tract.

The homemade bone broth is the cornerstone of the GAPS diet, a diet that aims to heal and seal the gut lining. Because bone broth contains gelatin (from the bones), it helps to soothe and repair our gut lining. The digestive tract houses over 80% of the immune system, so if the gastrointestinal tract is healthy, you will be too.

Bone broth is highly absorbable.

Just because you pop a vitamin pill, doesn’t mean you are actually absorbing the nutrients from that pill. For us to absorb the vitamins and minerals from a supplement, the digestive system needs to be working in top form. Things like dysbiosis (imbalance of gut flora) and low stomach acid impact the body’s ability to absorb nutrients from supplements, something that is very common due to our modern diet and environment. The broth is a nutrient-dense, whole food in LIQUID form making it highly bioavailable and absorbable—a literal liquid gold.

Bone broth helps the body get into an alkaline state.

Our bodies are continually striving to find an acid/alkaline balance. When our bodies are too acidic, they can easily fall into a disease state. For healing to occur, we need to bring our bodies into an alkaline state. People have cured themselves of cancer in part by eating a nutrient-dense alkaline diet. The same principle can be used to heal from a cold or flu, and bone broth is packed full of alkaline power to help the body find the balance it needs to improve.

Bone broth turns regular soups into healing gold.

When you give your child chicken noodle soup made from bone broth, you turn an already yummy soup into healing liquid gold. Your child will never know they are eating the best medicine nature makes.

Now that you know the healing power of homemade bone broth, will you be adding it to your first aid kit?

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